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This collection of 20 editable vector folk Ukrainian ornaments in black, white, and red colors is versatile and can be resized without losing quality. Ideal for various design projects such as mockups, logos, greeting cards, stickers, branding, and posters.
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Content Defender for WordPress — Protect Online Content from Being Copied
Protect your online content from being copied. Just install add a small plugin defend web content from being plagiarized.
Slick Scroll — Makes the Mouse Wheel Scroll Movement on Your Website Smooth WordPress Plugin
Enhance your WordPress site with the Slick Scroll plugin, offering smooth and seamless scrolling movements for an improved user experience.
Awesome Scrollbar — Styleable Overlay Scrollbars with Native Functionality
The plugin is designed to customize the scrollbar on your WordPress site. It turns an ordinary annoying browser scrollbar into a lovely stylized scrolling control.
Reading Indicator — Reading Progress Bar for WordPress
This is a visual indicator of how far along you are in your reading of an article. It is designed to be unobtrusive at the top or bottom of the page, while still being intuitive enough for readers to understand its meaning.
Line Loader — Progress Preloader for WordPress
The plugin enhances user experience by displaying a small loading progress bar at the page's top, indicating the ongoing loading process of the subsequent page.

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